Sheila's Pantry


How many times do you have to go through your cupboards and have a clear out of out-of-date spices, flours, baking ingredients etc.
How many times do you want to use the recipe, only to find it has ten ingredients, six of which you have to buy, only to find yourself left with a lot of spice pots or packets from which you have only used half a teaspoon or 10g?

Imagine having access to regular recipes every month which include the ingredients/stock items, which you have bought at the beginning of the month.

These recipes would be based around the seasons and would show how you can use your stock cupboard ingredients in a variety of tasty dishes – sweet and savoury, vegetarian, fish and meat, with some food intolerance suggestions.

With some supermarkets offering great deals weekly and monthly, some of the recipes will take this into consideration, to offer budget recipes.

I have found through years of catering experience and a love of cooking, that recipes can be “re-jigged” to cater for your tastes, budget and dietary needs as well as “what’s in the fridge or cupboard”.

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