Outside catering

Would you like a helping hand with your catering at any time?

strawberry dessert

If you would like some soup or a main course ready to reheat and simply put on the table, or a dessert for that Dinner party, then please ask for further information.

Sheila 01297 560339 / 07816998277


All prepared meals are supplied in either foil dishes which can be cooked or reheated in the oven with or without the lid according to the instructions (O)

or microwaveable dishes in  which the food can be reheated with the lid on (M).

If you wish you can use your own dishes, or I have white china dishes of different sizes

Minimum spend £25

starter dish

Sample Menu


£2.50 per portion

Carrot, parsnip & ginger (m)

Tomato & roasted red pepper (m)

Moroccan spinach & chick-pea  (m)

Leek, courgette & somerset brie (m)

 Main Dishes     

Single portion £4.95

Double portion £9.00

Somerset chicken casserole with cream, apples & Jack Ratt – vintage cider from lyme bay winery ( m )

Seafood pie—cod, salmon & prawns in a creamy parsley & dill sauce with a crispy creamed potato topping  ( o )

Pasta bolognaise bake topped with quickes cheddar cheese—minced beef & denhay bacon in a rich tomato, herb & red wine sauce ( o )

Chicken, ham, apricot & somerset brie pithiviers — a puff pastry ‘pie’ filled with chicken breast, ham, dried apricots & somerset brie ( o )

Dorset beef in ale crumble — braising steak slowly cooked in palmers ale with a parsley & oat crumble topping ( o )

Honey oriental pork — pork fillet in a sauce with oriental spices, bamboo shoots & lychee ( m )

Indonesian Beef Rendang – a spicy slow-cooked dish with coconut, galangal, lemongrass and ginger, with a hint of chilli (m)

Moroccan lamb tagine — a rich casserole with lamb, apricots, almonds & moroccan spices ( m )


single portion £4.25

double portion £8.00

Traditional ratatouille — aubergine, artichoke, courgettes, peppers, garlic & onion in a rich tomato sauce with coriander seeds  ( m )

Leek & chestnut mushroom pasta cheese bake with Capricorn goats cheese & hazelnut topping (o)

Filo parcels with a spicy lentil & vegetable filling ( o )

Filo parcels with a spinach & ricotta cheese filling ( o )

 Cakes & desserts

Chocolate brownie made with 70% cocoa solids — 6 pieces £5.00

Loaf cakes — spicy ginger, lemon drizzle, cherry & coconut, apple & sultana or banana & chocolate chunk  £4.50 each

Individual fruit of the season nutty crumble – £2.25 per portion

Chocolate roulade 8” £10.00

Wholemeal fruit, plain, or cheese scones 2” –  £6.00 per dozen

Somerset butter shortbread x 12— £5.00

  • Home-prepared dishes for people who like food with flavour
  • The finest local produce is used wherever possible
  • Your order can be made by email, phone or post
  • Free local delivery within a 10 mile radius of Charmouth
  • Delivered in insulated boxes
  • I am registered with the local environmental health office